Bottled Gas



Calor Gas

Dormer Plant Hire is proud to be an Approved Calor Gas supplier in the area. We have a complete range of bottled gas for domestic and commercial use. We offer a wide range of sizes suitable for almost any application to suit your needs.



We are also suppliers of a complete range of high pressure industrial gases, available for delivery and collection.


Propane Gas: 3.9kgPropane Gas: 6kg Propane Gas: 6kg lite  Propane Gas Propane Gas Propane Gas

Propane Gas: 3.9kg / 6kg / 6kg lite /

 Propane Gas: 13kg  /19kg / 47kg 

 Butane Gas Butane Gas Butane Gas

 Patio Gas Patio Gas

 Butane Gas 4.5kg / 7kg  / 15kg

Patio Gas 5kg / 13kg

 Auto Gas  


Auto Gas 12kg / 18kg



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